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No matter your industry or organizational role, Kenekt Digital’s Consumer Insights allow you to uncover and actualize unknown and untapped opportunities, and to guide your business closer to the consumer.
consumer search insights
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Consumer Search Insights


At Your Fingertips

Big Data Consumer Research

. . .  Reimagined

No matter your industry or organizational role, Kenekt Digital‘s Consumer Search Insights allow you to uncover and actualize unknown and untapped opportunities, and to guide your business closer to the consumer. The result is a more productive, optimized, and profitable organization.


By analyzing the ever changing sentiments of the daily 3.5 billion google searches, Kenekt Digital’s CSI allows you to explore, manipulate, combine, and gain insights related to product development, marketing, strategy, SEO, and much, much more. The bottom-up, consumer-driven approach allows you to visualize historical and seasonal trends and sentiments in virtually any market.

Product Development

CSI data maps quantitative product demand and provides qualitative insights on the most popular features, colors, materials, styles, sizes, body types, and activities (and more) that consumers want most.

Marketing & Sales

Take the guessing out of marketing and sales. Uncover exactly what the consumer considers most important about your product or business unit, and build a winning strategy around it. We can finally stop pushing products and start meeting consumer needs.


Leverage consumer insights to enable digital execution roles such as merchandising, range, content and allocation planning, and UX. With CSI data backing the structure of the consumer’s journey, their experience will be authentic and seamless.

User Stories

CSI optimizes roles across your organization

We spent over 2 years studying roles in enterprise organizations in order to  understand which consumer data is critical to their success, and to find new and disruptive combinations of roles and data.


We developed the CSI tool based on our findings. We quickly found that a one-size-fits-all dashboard actually fits no one, so we isolated 13 use-cases and created custom visualizations for each, so in the end, teams get exactly the data and insights they need to succeed without the noise.

Product Design & Management
As a product designer, I want to know which product features (colour, materials, shapes, styles, technologies, names, activities, etc.) are important to my consumer and how they use them, so I can design the ultimate product that matches my consumers’ needs.
Brand Communications
As a brand comms manager, I want to know what drives the consumer on a non-product level (activities, product benefits and features, technologies, etc), so I can create an overarching brand message that reflects what is most important in the day to day life of my consumer.
Partner Management | Influencer Marketing | A&R
As an A&R Manager, I want to know my consumers’ most popular influencers, athletes, events, personalities, activities and learn everything I can about them to create a strategy to acquire and leverage the best partners in the best way for my brand.
As a copywriter, I want to know consumers' most used words and most relevant thematic topics, so I can create compelling and relevant copy, and connect more meaningfully with consumers.
As a translator, I want to know the most consumer-native translation of an English word in my local language, so that my translations are the most relevant to the local consumer and connect most effectively in their language.
Content Planning
As a Content Planner, I want to be able to identify the most popular consumer topics within a category or across several categories in order to plan creation of relevant content.
Board | C- Level | SMT
As a Board Member, I want to get actionable insights in an accessible format at a glance, so I can validate the current strategic direction, get inspiration for an alternative direction, and/or provide food for thought to my first line and beyond to do the same.
As a Merchandising Manager, i want to know everything about how consumers relate to my products, so i can merchandise the product accordingly to create a consumer-native experience.

Our Process

Defining and Expanding Inputs

Defining and Expanding Inputs

After collecting initial inputs for inquiry - whether that be brands, franchises, influencers, products types - we expand this list via all possible synonyms. Keywords are translated and localized for all target markets.

Extracting Data

We use proprietary software to extract tens of thousands of related keyword clusters from Google’s vast data stores.

Sorting and Categorising

Now that we have all the raw data, we undergo a process of codification. All modifiers, descriptors and attributes are tagged to indicate searcher intent.

Collating Explorable Dashboard

Finally, we deliver a visually attractive, interactive dashboard. Dashboards are tailored to specific roles which only include most relevant information for that role

Preparing Insights Dashboard

We next prepare an insight deck for the client which identifies key results.

The Dashboard: Actionable User Insights

Are you struggling to gain a comprehensive overview of your market?

Our dashboards provide all the info you need at a glance.

Consumer Search Dashboard Overview

Let’s have a look at Golf in a single market:

More Search for Women’s golf shirts in the US.  When choosing shirts as your designated product type, you notice that there were more searches for women’s shirts last year than for men’s when gender is included in the search –  a surprising insight for what is traditionally considered a more male-oriented sport.  So you decide to include more women’s golf shirts as part of your catalogue and marketing strategy.

How would you choose which feature to focus on?

‘Long-sleeved’ is the most popular feature searched for. You have a look at the most popular features and see that ‘long sleeve’ is the most searched for option in the US.  

Consumer Search Insights Dashboard 2
Consumer Search Insights Dashboard

When should you launch the product?

Major Dip in Demand beginning after August. The seasonality graph suggests that people are mainly looking for shirts between April and August with a spike of interest in June, this would be the best time to maximize marketing budgets. Demand drops precipitously after August, with an expected small uptick in the holiday season. Budgets should be allocated accordingly.

But what about the men?

Shoes dominate male-specific golf searches in the US. The data suggests that the most effective investment for online advertising efforts for men is in shoes. Dig deeper to find what features, colors, or technology are most popular.

Consumer Search Insights Dashboard Dashboard Detail



Complete the form and we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time to show you how the CSI Dashboard: Actionable User Insights.