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Big data Ethics

Big Data Ethics

We have all experienced it: you Googled “sexy roller skates” on a whim and suddenly all kinds of related ads start popping up at inconvenient moments. Consumer Data is a tricky subject and the lack of regulation has led to many companies and apps using it in questionable ways.


Tracking your online behavior and gathering as much information about you as possible has become normal. I don’t know about you, but having data brokers bid on my information like it was a tuna on the fish market makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. A lot of money is being made at the expense of our data, most of it in shady ways to say the least.

Working with data ourselves, we want to acknowledge the need for better regulation as it is a wild west out there in data-world! Even so, just because there is not a sheriff in sight, this does not mean it should be a free for all. We, as citizens of data-world, can be transparent and behave in a way we feel is ethically justified. A definition and behavior which we are open to discuss.


We use consumer search data to build our dashboards and extract insights. In fact, we make use of millions of Google search queries, word by word. This means that we know what, where, when and how people are searching for certain things. We know how many people googled “sexy roller skates” as well as what specific colors and features they are looking for. We even know in which country they were, on what day and if they spelled it “sexy roller skates”.


However we don’t have names, addresses or any other data person bound data. Sorry but we are just not that into you! We use our data to give companies insights into consumer behavior, from macro to granular level. We are not tracking or targeting individual people. We just help you match supply and demand.